Okay, loyal fans, I need your help. The holiday card is going into production (read: I am ordering from my favorite Modern Postcard’s “SimpleCard” site, where they can make it all look good). This will be your basic postcard. I’m wrestling with which picture would be most appealing as the card pops through one’s mail-slot in December. Is it the Best Basic Yellow Cake, Titusville Cream Custard, Oatie Orange Cookies or Chocolate Cake?

Or do you have a different favorite pic from Baking Family?

Tell me what you think! Then I can produce this card, and get back into the kitchen — where I have not spent meaningful time for FOUR WEEKS. Oy.
Best basic yellow cake from Baking Family

Titusville Cream Custard, "Baking Family," copyright Garside Group LLC

Chocolate Coma Cake from Baking Family