Trumping my desire for alliterative excess — p…p…p…p… — is my need to tell you to get your prune plums now, before they are gone. If you look around at the farmers’ market or grocery store, you’ll see these oblong, dusty blue-purple plums. Now is their moment.

I just stewed some Presidents (doesn’t that sound like a perfect thing to do in Washington DC?). These large prune plums melted in about 17 minutes of cooking, collapsing into a magenta soup. I’m stashing this chunky elixir in the fridge. I need to buy vanilla ice cream to serve as a foil. I may or may not share.

If you’ve been lucky enough to get prune plums, they are easy to stew or bake into a simple and delicious cake. Just don’t miss their moment. If you miss them as plums, you know what they’ll look like by the time you see them again…