Is it just me, or are oatmeal cookies real sugar-bombs?

I made the ones from the original Silver Palate Cookbook this weekend, choosing that recipe over the “Vanishing Oatmeal Cookies” one in the lid of the oatmeal container. In part, this was my nod of farewell to Sheila Lukins, co-author of the SPC, who died last month. But the pragmatic reason was to avoid excess oilness: The “Vanishing” cookies have 33 percent more butter than the Silver Palate ones. (Or the Silver Palate cookies have 25 percent less butter than the “Vanishing” ones. Thank you, Miss Hughes, for seventh- and eighth-grade math.)

Now, the cookies I made disappeared just fine. I gave a fifteen-minute tour of our house while I left my brother and my husband alone in the kitchen with the cookie plate.

They seemed to have no problem with these cookies. The sweetness, however, really got to me. Is this because essentially oats have no flavor, and the character of the cookies rests on the sugar? I don’t think so. So is there an oatmeal cookie out there that backs down on the sugar, and amps up the oatiness, or raisinyness, or any of the other great qualities of these classic gems?

Grammy didn’t have an oatmeal cookie recipe in her repertoire, perhaps because there were other go-to cookies already in the fold. But I’m thinking that perhaps there should be such a recipe in the book. I’m also thinking it should feature golden raisins (my faves), and maybe even nuts to add character. That doesn’t take it TOO far from classic, right?